Building Online Fashion Business

Let's face it. Most up start fashion designers would like to build their business by online presence.

Contrary to most what we know, it is not as simple as putting up an IG account or Fb page. There's more to it than so.

The key to building successful e-commerce businesses lies in creating a life time customer value so that customers not only come back for more but also share their experience with their friends and family on Social Media. In Fashion retail industry, brands set the foundation to build lifetime customer value on the things such as:

  • Perceived value
  • Personalized Shopping Experience
  • Honest, Openness & Realness
  • Fashion Supply Management
  • Involving their customers - Crowd-sourcing

This is just some the things that you can learn from fashion designer Jeffrey Rogador. Jeff as he is mostly called by his peers has been in the industry for awhile now. He opened shops in one of the high end malls in the metro but he have opted to sell his designs, some RTW wedding dresses, online for almost two years now.

Jeffrey's plan is to go global on his online fashion business the year.

Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship | Fashion Arts and Design is only fashion institution in the country that offers an intensive class on online business in fashion