A New Generation of Fashion Education

International education and training organizations are too much of a dream for Filipinos. As talented as we are, we tend to only have access to schools that specializes in either the technical part of fashion designing or the business part of it. In a generation where we can't gain progress on things that we just simply read off a book or simply searching the world wide web, we also need to understand the learning through skill transfers as well; with this in mind, Fashion Designer and educator, Monina Tan-Santiago with Claudine Joson and bespoke tailor Levenson Rodriguez came up with the idea of making sure that fashion technical know-how is not enough to make it in this very cut throat industry. Business of fashion; marketing strategies, legal structures and finances to name a few would be a large part of the curriculum making sure each student would be ready to be professional designers and business individuals.

Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship – Fashion Art & Design is scheduled to open its door on January 2, 2017. It will be strategically located at the country’s most established upscale shopping and lifestyle mall right in the heart of Ortigas, EDSA Shangri-la Plaza.

Industry experts and experienced people from the major fields were meticulously chosen to share their expertise, bringing you a full spectrum way of learning, connecting and preparing one to start a career in those particular fields.