Mastery in the Business of Fashion

Creative Entrepreneurship I – The Fundamentals of Business

To succeed in the fashion business, it takes 90% business acumen and 10% design ingenuity. Fashion Entrepreneurship I provides an outline of the entrepreneurial skills needed in the fashion business for emerging designers who are considering putting up their own label or couture shop. It will focus on the challenges and process of starting a small business, and an overview of how the local and international fashion industry works.

Dynamics of Retailing & Merchandising

In a highly competitive and dynamic industry, one must understand the rigors of properly marketing and representing your brand to your clients through the physical space. This course allows you to grasp the innovation and ingenuity needed to sustain a brand through effective retails and merchandising strategies. By looking at local and international brands, the best practices and core principles, every student who aims to start his/her own fashion label will get a firm foundation on techniques of proper selling.

Fashion Marketing & Brand Management

In the collective realm of selling and purchasing products, it is a known fact that people do not just buy items for necessity. Every decision to avail an item is a testament to one’s affinity to a brand and how it has been marketed towards the consumer. It is, therefore, a cornerstone of every successful fashion brand and business to understand the significance of branding and a solid marketing strategy. Through this course, you will understand how the values of a brand translated to unique selling points and expressed through PR, Marketing, and Advertising efforts. You will develop creative ideas that will shape the minds of the consumers and evoke a sense of feeling and emotional attachment to your brand.

Visual Merchandising

From the logo of your favorite coffee, the icons on your favorite app, the signs around you, every aspect is shaped by visual representations of thoughts and ideas. One can only imagine how powerful these signs are and how much they affect our daily experiences. In this course, we will tackle the broad discipline of visual communication – from typography, graphic design, illustrations, imagery and visual content that connect the brand to the consumers.

Creative Entrepreneurship II - Fashion Law

Fashion Entrepreneurship II serves as a catalyst to the philosophies learned in Fashion Entrepreneurship I. This course aims to develop a business plan in line with the financial means available to the student and how to craft a framework for setting up an online business and start-up strategies to promote your product or service.