Mastery in Photography


In this day and age, digital photography has been such an accessible craft. With the availability of tools and equipment to evolve one’s skill, many have chosen to dabble into the art of taking beautiful images. But we believe that it takes more than the equipment to capture a beautiful and well-composed photograph. Through this class, we will hone aspiring photographers and fashion designers to develop an eye that understands the minutest details of a compelling photograph.

Through demos and hands-on exercises, you will discover how to improve your photos by controlling exposure, focus, lighting and composition. We will Introduce the elements of photographic styling, stressing both creative sensitivity and technical skills, through lectures and demonstrations. Assignments include fashion, beauty, illustration, tabletop, and food styling.


Once you already understand the basic concepts of photography, the next step is to explore your capabilities and master the techniques that will allow you to differentiate your work from other professionals. Using your camera as your main tool, you would need to bridge gap from basic to advance through technique and creativity. The thinking process of every photographer needs to be honed through practice and mastery, so everything will soon become instinctive and natural. From advanced camera settings, shoot preparation, advanced exposure, focus techniques, panoramas, and creative lighting & composition, the class will enable you to delve deeper into the craft of photography.