Experimental. OC. Independent.


Dauson Bermtay


The best way to teach is through experience. It is easier to remember when what should have been a theory becomes a routine.


  • Robinsons Iloilo Design Lab Grand Winner Cycle 7
  • FIP Graduate Batch 2016
  • FDAP (Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines)
  • IYDC (Iloilo Young Designers Council)

I want my students to be…

Capable. Improved and more interested. I hope to shape young fashion minds with intrigue and limitless possibilities.

I am the type of professor who…

Will inspire them to do what they want to do and achieve their reason for studying. Someone who will give them a platform to stand on to start a career.

The measure of success in the fashion industry is…

In my opinion, the most successful people are the quiet ones that earn large chunks in their banks. Success also may be secondary to a sound name, the industry respect and look up to.