Basic and Advanced Patternmaking

Ingenious. Advocate. Spirited.

Chief Executive Officer

Monina Tan-Santiago


Patternmaking is the foundation of a garment construction. It is an art that requires patience and practice to come to perfection. A hands-on approach is the best way to master patternmaking.


  • Fashion Designer
  • Professor (Patternmaking) at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines
  • 2008 Graduate of Fashion Institute of the Philippines

I envision my students to…

Have a full understanding of the processes needed to complete the pattern and how each of the specific components mounts to the completion of the garment and it’s over all fit to the body.

I want to be remembered by my students as…

A mentor who has provided the framework for them to achieve their goals and dreams.

The measure of success…

is when people in the industry respect you and the work you have done. It is also when you start giving back to the society.