Basic Fashion / Couture

Determined. Persevering. Creative.




I am eager to use my talent and experience in the field of fashion to bring in new trends to the industry, contribute to the growth of the institution, and the career advancement of my students. I believe that education is a continuous process, and every student should yearn to deepen their knowledge every step of the way.


  • Fashion Instructor/Designer: (basic/advance Fashion Design, basic/advance pattern, Couture, Capsule Adviser)
  • Philippine Women's College of Davao, Fashion Instructor/Designer: (basic/ advance Fashion Design, basic/advance pattern, Couture)
  • Fashion Institute of the Philippines

I want my students to learn that…

In fashion, creativity is an important lesson that you can learn and improve in school. However, a student’s own identity/signature is the most essential because it enables you to be innovative. And for me, “creativity is thinking up new things, innovation is doing new things.”

I want my students to remember that…

They should learn to impart what you have acquired; our primary purpose in life is to help and mold others.

The measure of success in the fashion industry is…

Integrity. It is not only about creating beautiful designs, but how your integrity remains intact that truly makes you as a successful designer.